Honor Scores
Brian Steffens - 836 . Kevin Hoskins - 798 . Richard Croll - 726 . Ken Junior - 725 . Dave Lendo - 715 . Ed.Taylor - 706 .

The Rowdy Rollers are back!

The ‘rollers are back…. with registered trademark application in for “ROWDYYYYYY ROLLLLLLLERRSSSSS” chant filed they will be a force not to be reckoned with this season.

Lead off roller, Jamie who is math teacher, totally understands the 1:3 ratio of last nights performance

#2 spot held by Paula enjoyed her beverage while getting back into the roll of it all

#3 spot held by Jayme who’s trotted a couple of 5k races last summer is ready for some rollin’

#4 spot held by Crissie didn’t roll it as well as usual vows to kick some….

Anchor position Denise, possibly the loudest roller of the Rowdies didn’t want to beat up the opponents in week one let em have 3 wins.


Welcome back rollers!

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