Honor Scores
Brian Steffens - 836 . Kevin Hoskins - 798 . Richard Croll - 726 . Ken Junior - 725 . Dave Lendo - 715 . Ed.Taylor - 706 .

Burlington Tax vs. Crow-Moddie 4+1 throwdown

January 21, 2015 is shaping up for a throwdown of epic proportions.

Burlington Tax Center vs. Crow-Moddie 4+1 teams will begin bowling at 7pm.  The key piece of this puzzle will be Bill Gosney bowling for Burlington Tax Center in the 3rd position.  While Bill is confident he can put up some scores to beat out Jr and Sr they will be bowling on his most hated lanes in the house, the dreaded lanes 11 & 12.

Ken Jr, with a little trash talking, will be bowling lead off for Crow-Moddie 4+1 and has visions of taking all 4 games come Wednesday night.  “Bill, we’ll make sure and have 11 & 12 oiled up just for you”, joked Ken Sr.

Come on in Wednesday night and cheer on Crow-Moddie 4+1 crew and enjoy the whooping Burlington Tax Center, currently in 2nd place in the league, will suffer thru.

4 Responses to “Burlington Tax vs. Crow-Moddie 4+1 throwdown”

  • Lead-off says:

    Although the battle will be hard fought, with the outcome yet to be determined, there is one undeniable fact. At the end of Wednesday night league, Burlington Tax will still be in 2nd place.

  • Denise says:

    What about the “most funest team ever”

  • Chucker says:

    I am sure that the always present 3rd man for BTS will overcome the copious amounts of oil that will be so evenly distributed by just chucking it down the middle. A little off either way constitutes a strike. High scores are surely to be rolled on the ever popular lanes of 11 and 12. Other rollers on the BTS team enjoy the oil. Let the fun begin. Lol

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