April 22, 2018


To all Coffey County Bowling Association members:


It is with heavy hearts that we, Ken “Jr”, Malissa and Ken “SR” Caudell, are announcing the closing of South 75 Lanes as of May 12, 2018.


After being in business for over 14 years this was no easy decision but many factors have forced us to this outcome. In recent years we were searching for someone as passionate as we are about the bowling industry to purchase our center and continue to service the community but unfortunately that just has not happened. After many months of negotiations we have accepted an offer to sell the building and dismantle the bowling equipment.


Many of you may know that Yates Bowling Center is also now closed. This will leave no bowling center to service our association. According to USBC that means the association will be disbanded. We have scheduled an association meeting on May 3, 2018 at 6pm at South 75 Lanes because we as an association need to decide what to do with the funds in the association’s account. According to USBC there needs to be a vote from the association members to make this decision. According to USBC the funds may be donated to a charity or multiple charities, be used to host a banquet for members with door prizes, be used as prize money for a bowling tournament, or be donated to another association. If no decision is made then all remaining money after all bills are paid will go back to USBC to be used as they see fit.


We look forward to seeing everyone May 3rd at 6pm for the final CCUSBC association meeting at South 75 Lanes.