Honor Scores
Brian Steffens - 836 . Kevin Hoskins - 777 . Hoops Gilmore - 724 . Dave Lendo - 715 . Ed.Taylor - 706 .

Kevin Hoskins rolls a 300

Kevin Hoskins bowling on Legacy Financial rolled a perfect 300 in last night’s league.

More details coming….

Copious amounts of tears shed…. bring on the Rowdy Rollers!

The Burlington Tax Center vs. Crow-Moddie 4+1 epic battle came to an end about 9:45pm Wednesday night with Burlington Tax remaining solidly in 2nd place in the league but giving away 4 nectarous games to the trash talking Crow-Moddie 4+1 team.  Copious amounts of tears shed by the equal trash talking Gozinator after Frank Robarge and the gang bedraggled a few undeserved strikes.  Gozinator made the comment, “I’ve been eating chili dogs for two days for this?”.

CM4+1 taking all four games Wednesday night made the last meeting of these two teams just 11 weeks earlier when BTC took 3 out of 4 games from CM4+1 a very distant memory.  Lead off bowler and equal trash talker for BTC, Kent H said he was marking his calendar for early April, “when we meet again….”.  Rebuttal from lead off bowler of CM4+1 then reminded Kent, “he could still have an ice cream cone, without sprinkles this time”.

Good times were had by most in attendance.  Burlington Tax will be bowling unopposed next week while Crow-Moddie 4+1 will have their hands full with the first place team in the league, Legacy Financial on lanes 1 and 2.  Rowdy Rollers, the ‘funnest team in the league’, will be bowling against Coffey County Workers right next to Crow-Moddie 4+1 next week.  Ken Jr is scheming a way to get the Rowdies fired up and become a distraction to the laser focused Legacy Financial.  What will it take to get the Rowdies fired up?

Burlington Tax vs. Crow-Moddie 4+1 throwdown

January 21, 2015 is shaping up for a throwdown of epic proportions.

Burlington Tax Center vs. Crow-Moddie 4+1 teams will begin bowling at 7pm.  The key piece of this puzzle will be Bill Gosney bowling for Burlington Tax Center in the 3rd position.  While Bill is confident he can put up some scores to beat out Jr and Sr they will be bowling on his most hated lanes in the house, the dreaded lanes 11 & 12.

Ken Jr, with a little trash talking, will be bowling lead off for Crow-Moddie 4+1 and has visions of taking all 4 games come Wednesday night.  “Bill, we’ll make sure and have 11 & 12 oiled up just for you”, joked Ken Sr.

Come on in Wednesday night and cheer on Crow-Moddie 4+1 crew and enjoy the whooping Burlington Tax Center, currently in 2nd place in the league, will suffer thru.

New Year’s Eve Jackpot


Come out and ring in the new year.  All ages welcome!

Brian Steffens Rolls 836 series

Brian Steffens over on his favorite pair, ah heck, we all knows he hates them all, rolls a house high series of 836.

While Brian has a few perfect 300s at South 75 Lanes. Wednesday December 10, 2014 wasn’t going to add to perfection, but just 3 strikes away from the coveted 3x perfection of 900. Brian’s games of 279, 279, 278 turned into a very nice 836 series, this is Brian’s 4th 800 series at South 75 Lanes. 264,266,298,828 on 4/6/2011, 225,300,300,825 on 1/20/2010, 288,270,258,816 on 4/26/2006.

Brian Steffens

Brian Steffens

Brian Steffen's 836 series, Wednesday December 10, 2014 bowling on the Crow-Moddie league.  Ironically Brian works at Crow-Moddie Ford in Burlington and bowls on the Legacy Financial team.

Brian Steffen’s 836 series, Wednesday December 10, 2014 bowling on the Crow-Moddie league. Brian works at Crow-Moddie Ford in Burlington and bowls on the Legacy Financial team.

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